STORY OF Mr.Kafeel Ahmed

Ahmed Al Maghribi Perfumes first started as a hobby of its founder - Mr.Kafeel Ahmed. His passion for perfume making was so intense that it has evolved into being one of the most loved perfume brands in the region. During this 20 years plus journey, a lot of new fragrances have come into existence. However, the ones that they initially started with, are even today of key essence.

The love for fragrance creation has been extended by creating occasion specific perfumes, it's just like wearing different attires depending on the place and occasion on intends to attend. Our perfumes are produced by maintaining a close work relationship with the local community. Some people know exactly what they want and that helps us create personalised fragrances for them. Also, we set ourselves apart from the approach of creating perfumes that follow fashion. Our approach is strongly based on culture and tradition. We understand that perfumes have strongly impacted the Arabic culture. For example, Oud and musk are fragrances loved by the prophet according to the Arabic tradition.


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Oud Lavender

Oud Kiflain

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Pick of the Month



Quality is of prime importance at Al Maghribi Perfumes. We consider to take the same approach to fragrances that connoisseurs take. Careful consideration is given when bringing together different elements that emit exquisite aromas. At each stage of our production process, we have austere quality control checks that ensure our lofty benchmarks are being met.

In order to conserve the traditional feel in our fragrances, all of our perfumes are hand made. Machines are hardly part of our creation process. We do not believe in modernising the way in which perfumes are created as for us culture and tradition is of great value and importance. This is how our perfumes distinguish themselves from the mass produced ones available in the market today.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate responsibility goes beyond ethical behaviour of staff members and improving the clients’ relations by maintaining high standards of creative products and corporate governance. At Ahmed Al Maghribi we also have a mission to support our brothers through education and development initiatives, giving them access to knowledge whilst improving living conditions.


The world of best fragrances and enjoy the journey of making awesome and personalized perfumes.

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