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As the journey continues taking us further in life we bring to you new and exciting fragrances to make that Journey pleasant and memorable. Happy memories a last long time .


Eau De Parfum

Aed 100

Little Hearts

A Little heart is filled with hope,desire enthusiasm to take on what life given us . A burning desire to love,the hope to succeed,the enthusiasm to reach for the stars. These emotions often need a lot of self confidence which is offered in abundance in Ahmed Al Maghribi's Little Hearts . A Fragrance so true just like the true feelings of a little heart.


Eau De Parfum

Aed 45

Oud Mutayyab

Oudh, the luxurious Oudh Muttayab will give your clothes & home a warm and yet strong arabic scent. Fresh , vibrant and charming, it empowers your day. 

Aed 100