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Oud Youmi

Pure Arain Oud and the scent of Rose , Jasmine, Sandal shine together as scent spreads its warmth and emotions.

Content - 36 Grams 

Agarwood - Arian

Aed 60


The fragrance that captivates with high notes of citrus fruity. The middle notes of floral imparts hearts and the base notes of musky woody and oud. The perfect fragrance that compliments your inner beauty.

Aed 135


The fragrance captivates with top notes of Black Currant , Bergamot and Citrus Fruits. The heart imparts a rich feminine White Flower , Iris , Pineapple . A dreamy drydown of Musk , Oud Resins , and Amber.


Eau De Parfum

Aed 135

Bon Bon

The Liquid gold sensation of melting chocolate fills one up with the desire to forget all else and drown in the scent of this wonderful concoction that plays a symphony

for all your senses. Drifting you away of your own where you are free with every thought that would raise a brow.

Aed 100