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Strong and Sophisticated high notes of Artemisia , Lemon , with blend of Oris Roots and Lavender heart notes infused with Leather, Musk , and Amber and Cedar. The Concentrated Perfume Oil Bahaa.

15 mle


Strong and Sophisticated  Floral and Fruity high notes of Grapefruit , Orange , with blend of White Pepper , Sage , Geranium heart notes infused with Agarwood , Musk , and Amber , Patchouli , and Vanilla. The Concentrated Perfume Oil Lahen.

Oud Youmi

Pure Arain Oud and the scent of Rose , Jasmine, Sandal shine together as scent spreads its warmth and emotions.

Content - 36 Grams 

Agarwood - Arian

Bon Bon

The Liquid gold sensation of melting chocolate fills one up with the desire to forget all else and drown in the scent of this wonderful concoction that plays a symphony

for all your senses. Drifting you away of your own where you are free with every thought that would raise a brow.