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Strong and Sophisticated high notes of Artemisia , Lemon , with blend of Oris Roots and Lavender heart notes infused with Leather, Musk , and Amber and Cedar. The Concentrated Perfume Oil Bahaa.

15 mle

Aed 60


Strong and Sophisticated  Floral and Fruity high notes of Grapefruit , Orange , with blend of White Pepper , Sage , Geranium heart notes infused with Agarwood , Musk , and Amber , Patchouli , and Vanilla. The Concentrated Perfume Oil Lahen.

Aed 60

Dehn Al Oud Rusookh


The powerful scent of oudh influences your being with positivity that permeates through all around creating an air of positivity.

Be positive and bring about your own Rusookh.



Aed 135 AED

Daam Watani

Daam Watani a fragrance of dreams. With combination of Arabic and classic fragrance. Results in experience of proud and achievement.

Aed 190