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Strong and Sophisticated high notes of Artemisia , Lemon , with blend of Oris Roots and Lavender heart notes infused with Leather, Musk , and Amber and Cedar. The Concentrated Perfume Oil Bahaa.

15 mle

Aed 60


Strong and Sophisticated  Floral and Fruity high notes of Grapefruit , Orange , with blend of White Pepper , Sage , Geranium heart notes infused with Agarwood , Musk , and Amber , Patchouli , and Vanilla. The Concentrated Perfume Oil Lahen.

Aed 60


The fragrance captivates with top notes of Black Currant , Bergamot and Citrus Fruits. The heart imparts a rich feminine White Flower , Iris , Pineapple . A dreamy drydown of Musk , Oud Resins , and Amber.

Aed 135


Contains : 

Supreme - 50ml Spray
Supreme - Body Gel
Bakhoor Ahmed - 20 Pcs
Mubakhar - 3ml 

Aed 240