Alluring and enchanting perfumes for women await at Ahmed Al Maghribi. Crafted by skilled perfumers, our fragrance collection especially for the ladies is designed with beauty, sophistication, and elegance in mind.

Indulge your senses with a rich mixture of lavish and breathtaking scents, all exclusive and original from the Ahmed Al Maghribi label.

Crafting only the best perfume for women

Our perfumers create a myriad of scents, from charming and captivating, to playful and graceful, sophisticated and sensational. We have a distinctive scent for every woman, whatever your style, mood or personality.

Our range of perfumes includes dehn al oud, Arabian oud and eau de parfum. So whether you need a long lasting perfume that will last throughout the day, or a light and classy scent for a special night out, our collection offers you the best perfume whatever the occasion.

Inspired by the enduring Arabic culture and traditions, our perfumes showcase rich aromas captured in artistically designed bottles and packages.

Long lasting perfumes, exclusive scents

Ours is a brand that continues to surpass the expected and the ordinary to create a collection of fragrances unrivalled by others, while keeping the traditional perfume making process alive and close to our hearts.

In this day of technology and innovation, our brand seeks to preserve the warm and personal touch of human hands. As such, each of our products is thoughtfully made by skilled hands, reflecting utmost care and genuine passion for perfumery.

Come and personally experience the authentic fragrances that our label is known for. Drop by our boutique stores in the UAE and Oman and test our scents to find the perfect one for you.