Top Perfumes for Men in Dubai | Best Long Lasting Perfume for Men Dubai

Make your presence known. Stand out from the crowd. Turn heads when you walk with a unique masculine scent from Ahmed Al Maghribi’s elite collection of perfumes for men.

Under the spotlight: top perfumes for men

We have curated a selection of perfumes especially for the men, from earthy and woody scents to those with musky and spicy undertones. Using a traditional perfume making process that has been passed down through generations, our expert perfumers create intricate and complex scents that suit different tastes, moods and occasions.

Purely made by skilled hands, our range of perfumes draw their distinct and intoxicating aroma from only the highest grade organic materials. Rich, vibrant and sophisticated, our fragrances exude long lasting scents that are absolutely original and unmatched.

Exude confidence whenever and wherever you go, with an exhilarating scent specially made for the modern man, yet infused with the cultural and traditional essences of Arabia.

Gift a loved one with the best perfume for men

Shop for yourself or give it as a gift for a special someone. Lavishly packaged and wrapped, our diverse selection of perfumes is the perfect gift for any occasion. Get your man a long lasting perfume from our exclusive perfume collection and series: The Journey Series, Xerox Collection and The Tribute Series.

Check out our perfumes and discover an array of luxurious scents. Feel free to drop by any of our boutique stores and give our perfume collection a try. Take a whiff, savor the aroma and let it flood your senses. If you’re not sure which perfume to get, our staff will assist you and help you find the perfect scent that fits your personality and style.