From humble beginnings to an International brand Ahmed Al Maghribi Perfume continues to bring heritage to life through its perfumes.

Our Story


Journey Series Launch

We launched further products in our core line as Oudh Lavender, alongside new fragrance families such as the Journey Series and Xerox Collection. 


Ahmed Al Maghribi becomes international

We enter Al Ain, the Birth Place of HH Sheikh Zayed. We also branch out internationally opening our first outlet in Oman in Souq Mattarah, alongside this we are developing products that meet our ethos but also the demands of the market in the Sultanate of Oman.


Fragrances available in 25 locations

All our fragrances are now available in over 25 locations spreading our personal culture of ‘living tradition and heritage through fragrance’ across the region.


Launch of First Customized Fragrance

A landmark year in our brands development as we launch our first ever customised packed and designed fragrance by Ahmed Al Maghribi Perfumes.


Opened in Qatar & Saudi Arabia

Following on from success in Oman, we entered our next gulf countries, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, allowing us to reach more of our customers.


New concept launch

In the true spirit of Al Maghribi we continue to innovate and develop the product line which we launched with a new concept and exclusive packaging design.

These products are synonymous with our brand identity such as Musk & Roses, D’oudh Ayubi, D’oudh Saad and finally Oudh & Roses EDP (which creates record sales for post launch). 


Expansion Continues

We move into Sharjah, followed later in the year with a shop in the capital of the Emirates, Abu Dhabi.


Launch in another Emirate

Building on the success of our first two outlets we open our 3rd outlet in Dubai Bustan Centre and we entered another Emirate  - Ras Al Khaimah

Our factory started also started operating in this year enabling us to achieve our targets.


Create first Eau de Parfum

After 5 years of  hard work and dedication, blessings of fortune allowed us to open our  2nd outlet in the heart of Dubai near Jumeirah in Ghazal Centre.

Building on our experience we started creating our very first eau de parfum with the desires of our customer at the heart of the process.


Start showcasing products

We started being invited to Majlis where we displayed our products to gatherings of Emiratis, showcasing that our fragrances are suitable for wear at any occasion. We are also undertaking daily visits to our customers to deepen our understanding of their needs and wants when it comes to fragrances. 


Ahmed Al Maghribi Perfumes Opens

We start the new millennium with the opening of our first outlet in Bin Sougat Centre, Rashidiya Dubai allowing production and sales to happen in the same place. 

At the heart of our business is the research and development that takes place to ensure we meet our customer’s fragrance requirements.